BC Acoustique EX-522.1
BC Acoustique EX-522.1
BC Acoustique EX-522.1
BC Acoustique EX-522.1

BC Acoustique EX-522.1

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Amplificator de putere BC Acoustique EX-522.1

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BC Acoustique EX-522.1

Caracteristici importante amplificator putere BC Acoustique EX-522.1

- High quality manufacturing
- High-end components (2SC5200/2SA1943 ToshibaTransistors)
- Large power output amplifier stage
- Several filtering capacitors (more efficient than a large one)
- Massive 500VA transformer
- High power resistors (1/2 and 1W)
- Class A preamplifier
- Shielding

Cum sa folositi BC Acoustique EX-522.1?
Impreuna cu un preamplificator stereo
Este modul clasic preamp - power amp

Impreuna cu un amplificator integrat stereo
Este modul asa numit bi-amplification. Pentru boxe dificile cu impedanta mica. 

Volume potentiometer

This potentiometeradjusts the gain of the EX 522 (adjustable from-10dB to +10 dB). In the middle position, the gain is similar to other products in the BC Acoustique EX Series range (in "Direct" mode). The potentiometer is used to adjust the input level of the amplifier and by the same relative volume level of the amplifier. In the case of a mono-amplification (with preamplifier outputs or pre-out to an AV amplifier), the gain can be set in the middle position. Anyway, the gain setting has no influence on the quality of the audio signal reproduction.

VU meters
TheEX-522 is equipped with two VU meters to visualize the output to the HP terminals. He graduated in dB or percentage given that the actual power drawn is dependent on the speaker impedance. In "Bridge" mode the two VU meters are working identically.
The meters have a backlight that can illuminate according to the user's choice in blue, yellow or off.

« Detect » function
This connector is usedto connect the 522 EX to a preamplifier (or AV amplifier) with a "Trigger" function. This feature is intended to control startup or standby amplifier.

Balanced and unbalanced inputs
To connect your power amplifier EX-522 to your preamplifier, you have the choice between an unbalanced (RCA) or balanced (XLR) plug. Conventionally balanced connection provides a gain in the case of large distances wiring or environments subject to electromagnetic interference particularly.

Mono or stereo log in mode
Depending on the selected operating mode (stereo or mono), use:
For Input: Either the RCA "R" or either XLR "R". The "L" remaining made ​​without use.
For Output: We then connect the amplifier to the speaker via terminals "L +" (then acting negative pole) and "R +" (acting positive pole). The other two remaining terminals stay without being used.

Continuous average power into 8 ohms:
2 x 80 W in stereo mode
1 x 210 W in mono mode

Continuous average power into 4 ohms:
2 x 120 W in stereo mode
1 x 220 W in mono mode

Distortion: 0.02% (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Signal/Noise ratio: 95 dB (1W)

1x RCA stereo input
Sensitivity: 1.2 V (2x80 W / 8 ohms)
Impedance: 100 pF kOhms/100
Maximum input level: 7 V
1x XLR stereo input
4x Speaker terminals

Dimensions (WxHxD): 430x120x300 mm
Weight: 11 kg

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