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Audiolab 8200CDQ

4099 lei

CD player, preamplificator si DAC - Audiolab 8200CDQ


4099 lei cu TVA

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CD player, preamplificator si DAC - Audiolab 8200CDQ

Intr-un singur sasiu, CD player, DAC si preamplificator!

• 32-bit/84.672MHz oversampled/upsampled, 512 element, multibit array DAC (four DACs per channel)
• 1920x oversampling with 44.1kHz source from CD/USB
• Asychronous USB supporting 24-bit/96kHz with driverless remote control of PC/Mac media player (via HID support)
• 2x 24-bit/192kHz coaxial S/PDIF digital inputs
• 2x 96kHz optical digital inputs
• 3x 2Vrms analogue line-level inputs
• Low jitter optical and coxial S/PDIF outputs
• Selectable analogue or digital preamplifier mode
• High-current, single-ended and balanced, discreet Class A output stage
• High-performance, direct-coupled, discrete Class A headphone amplifier
• Custom CD servo design – with ultra-low-noise PSU for OPU
• Full remote control and external remote I/O loop
• 34 regulated power supply rails
• 14 ultra-low-noise discrete regulators
• User-selectable digital filter settings – software upggradeable via USB port
• Master clock jitter less than 3psec short term
• Top-quality component parts used throughout, including: ultra-low-ESR capacitors; high-tolerance polypropylene film/foil capacitors; ultra-stable, very-low-VCR 0.1% MELF SMD resisitors; four-layer PCB

Output Level @ 1kHz: RCA: 2.05V RMS XLR: 4.1V RMS
Frequency Response ref. 1kHz: 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.2dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: RCA: <0.0025% XLR: <0.008%
Crosstalk @1KHz: RCA: >120dB XLR: >130dB
Dynamic Range 'A' wtd: RCA: >98dB XLR: >110dB

Audiolab 8200CDQ

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0721 274 389
021 242 08 30
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