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Tascam CD-X1700

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Dual cd player


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Designed for professional mobile and club DJs, the CD-X1700 is Tascam DJ’s top of the line dual CD player. In addition to all the features the CD-X1500 has, the CD-X1700 also has a larger jogwheel, reverse playback, onboard multi-effects, and a dedicated 10 second sampler on each side of the controller.

he CD-X1700 can also playback MP3 encoded CDs with the ability to pitch bend and change tempo of the MP3 files. The CD-X1700 also supports the TT-M1 “turntable magic” scratch controller that allows you to control the CD audio with virtually any analogue turntable.

Main features:
Two integrated samplers
10 seconds sampling on each unit
Reverse playback of samples
±32% pitch control on samples
Sampler level control
MP3 playback
Play CDs containing MP3 files (MPEG 1 audio layer 3)
Up to 254 directories, up to 255 files per CD
32–190kbps, constant bit rate
Pitch bending and tempo changes on MP3 songs
On-board digital effects
Echo, Flanger and Filter effects syncable to BPM; Filter auto and manual modes
Seamless loop
Repeatedly playback a section marked with A and B points
3 flash start/cue points
Instantly start playback at a cue point
Reverse play
Stutter play
At a cue point, hold down cue key as long as playback shall be performed
Auto cue
Automatically find the audio beginning of a song
Auto ready
Pause at the beginning of the next track
±0, 8, 16, 32 and 100% tempo control
Set the song tempo with the Tempo slider or by tapping on the TAP key
Key Original function
Prevents original key from being affected by tempo changes

Pitch bending function
Change the playback tempo momentarily with the wheel
±16% key control
Use the wheel to change the key without affecting the tempo
BPM counter
Shows the track’s BPM value or the manually tapped BPM value
Scratch function
Use the wheel for scratching like with analogue turntables
Brake function
Same effect like switching off an analogue turntable
TT-LINK®-Accessory connector for TT-M1 CD Scratch Controller
Scratch, pitch-bend, back-spin and otherwise control your CDs like using vinyl
Continuous play, single play, and up to 30 tracks program play
Track memory
Stores various playback settings for up to 100 tracks
Fader start
Start playback from an external device which supports the fader start function
Relay play
Continuous playback over both units
Anti-shock memory
Digital output
Supports CD-R/RW discs
Compact 3U controller size

Tascam CD-X1700

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021 242 08 30
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