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Dynavoice Challenger C-5 v4

549 lei

Boxa centru Dynavoice Challenger C-5 v4


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Dynavoice Challenger C-5

Dynavoice Challenge C-5 EX is designed to match the Challenger M-65 and M-85 perfectly. It is just the same armament as the top of the M-65 and M-85. The midrange / woofer are dual 5.25-inch and the tweeter is 1-inch Super Audio. Whit the same elements as in M-65 and M-85, the sound will match very precise. This is especially important for front and center speakers in order to create a homogenous sound wall without anything sticking out.

You can use the center as front speaker's ore center speaker. Use them in a smaller system and you will notice that the speakers have much higher capacity than a standard center speaker. If you desire the deepest bass, we recommend that you complement the system whit an active subwoofer.

Dynavoice Challenger C-5 v4

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